10 principles of a healthy life.
Moderately well-fed, moderately well – mannered- an excellent model of a healthy person

In 1946, WHO adopted the following definition of "health": a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not just the absence of disease or infirmity.

Since then, the wording has not changed much. It assumes that you can have some diseases, for example, in a chronic state, and at the same time experience comfort and feel healthy.

What you need to remember for those who want to maintain their health

Health is determined by three things: genes, nutrition, and living conditions.

Genes cannot be corrected, but remember: many metabolic processes are compensated, and you can live to a very old age without the manifestation of the disease

A healthy diet involves a balance of nutrients, portions, and eating patterns that are tailored to your individual needs and preferences. Nothing harmful happens if there is no abuse of certain types of products – everything should be in moderation.

A person will never get over all the existing diseases, so you don't need to look for all the diseases in yourself according to the encyclopedia list, and also copy those that friends, colleagues, relatives and half the country "get sick" just because it's in trend.

Prevention of diseases implies, first of all, a healthy lifestyle, and not the search for diseases. It is important to know whether there are risk factors for the occurrence of dangerous diseases, and to build on this when creating an individual monitoring and examination plan.

A healthy lifestyle includes a rational, healthy diet, physical activity, and positive thinking. All three components require responsibility and self-improvement. They can not be provided with extrasensory perception, drugs to increase immunity (various "fuflomycins" are meant), all kinds of body cleanses, expelling worms from the body before they appear in it, diligent sterilization of everything that the body touches, and other fashionable hobbies.

No matter how much "bad ecology" is blamed for the development of diseases, socio-economic conditions and the state of the health system play a crucial role in maintaining and improving people's health. Only a healthy lifestyle can compensate for the shortcomings of living conditions.

In the modern market of medicines and other drugs, there is not a single drug that can rejuvenate and prolong life. Laughter prolongs life better than any medicine. Be happy!

An enriched environment is an environment where you have the opportunity for spontaneous search behavior, a wide variety of means to meet basic needs, active social support, and the opportunity to engage, entertain, and explore yourself in every possible way.

In order for a person to interact with elements of the environment, they must be emotionally significant, interesting, and at the same time diverse and dynamic. What is important is the ability to choose, as well as learn new skills, gain new experience and feedback, expand your capabilities and, most importantly, transform and enrich the environment personally. Of course, a certain level of stress and unpredictability is also important, which improves learning, but with maintaining psychological security.

Improving your health. It has shown positive effects in various diseases, but the most impressive for me is the reduction in the risk of developing tumors and slowing their growth. Among the cancer models studied, the enriched medium is significantly effective in melanoma, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, and rectal cancer.

  • It is interesting that the effect of an enriched environment is complex and not limited to just one of its factors. So, isolated physical activity, although it improved the overall condition, but had little effect on the growth of tumors. Also, a single social activity or entertainment alone did not have a noticeable effect.

  • It is difficult and very expensive to reproduce all these experiments in humans, because to do this, they need to be removed from their usual life and moved for a while to a completely different environment. But in order to ensure your longevity, it is important to provide healthy, fresh and varied food not only to your intestines, but also to your brain. Be healthy!

  • Plan ahead, but don't be afraid of spontaneity. Seven tips on how to make your vacation healthy and high-quality

  • For people who work hard or study hard, it is very important to be able to rest properly and do it with health benefits.

  • Do not postpone your vacation until "later", when you finish all your business. In this way, you exhaust your body and overload it, instead of giving it time to reboot and gain strength before the next batch of tasks. Pauses are not a waste of time, but time to "recharge".

  • Try to convert, not just consume. Even if you prefer passive recreation, approach it creatively. Try not just to absorb information, but to conduct internal work on yourself, to come up with something new.